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    Do you like playing, relaxing, or just want to get rid of daily stress?

    Laserpark Budapest has been waiting for lovers of laser fighting since 2015, with over 2,000 square meters area it is the second largest park in the capital city. Come with your family, friends, classmates or your company and fight for victory. You will need to have team spirit and of course endurance.

    Our arenas with exciting themes and scenery lead players into a futuristic world. The Mad Max arena is 650 m2, and it has a relatively open space with an apocalyptic theme, and a car wreck stands in the middle of the area. The place evokes the atmosphere of the famous film. The Halo Arena is waiting for participants with it’s 750 m2 large area, which is formed by labyrinths and decorated with Halo's graphic elements which is one of the most popular shooting computer games.

    The laser fight always happens between two teams. After a 10-minute playing time, we'll give you a statistical evaluation to find out who was the best warrior and than the next game can start. You can play 4-5 laps in an hour. With our professional game masters, you can choose from a variety of game modes.

    The laser does not cause pain and is not harmful to the eyes. During laser game, the devices detect the results by emitting infrared rays. No special protective equipment is required. There are UV lights in the arenas, so it's worth to come in dark clothes to make the game even more exciting.

    Our laser park offers active entertainment for larger children, companies and friends, and ideal for birthday parties as well. In our park it is also possible to organize company events, bachelor and hen parties.


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    Laserpark Budapest

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