House rules


    1. General Information

    The purpose of these House Rules is to ensure that all Guests may spend a pleasurable and safe time in Laserpark Budapest („Laserpark”).

    Laserpark is operated by Elevenpark Kft. („Operator”).

    At the reservation, the Guest accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Laserpark.

    Laserpark may be used in accordance with its purpose and these House Rules. Should you have any question, please turn to our colleagues at Laserpark for help.

    Within the area of the Laserpark, no commercial activity is allowed, including promotional and sales activities or photo or film recordings for commercial use.

    2. Entry into Laserpark

    The conditions of entry are the following:

    1. Valid reservation.
    2. Mentally and physically balanced state.
    3. Age of at least 8 years.
    4. An accompanying adult for children under the age of 14.
    5. Signing of the liability declaration is required before the game begins.

    When a student ticket is purchased, Guests are required to verify their age by presenting their valid student card upon request.

    It is prohibited to bring any food or drink to any area of Laserpark or to consume food or drink in the area of the park, and smoking and the use of open flame is strictly forbidden in the entire area of the park. 

    It is prohibited to bring in large bags into Laserpark. Laserpark provides a locker for storing personal items the key of which is given to the Guest after depositing HUF 2,000. This amount is paid back after returning the key.  Only everyday personal items and clothes may be placed in the lockers.

    It is not allowed to enter Laserpark under the influence of alcohol, medicine, drug or other psychoactive substance or in case of a sickness that may hinder the proper use of Laserpark, or which can impose unproportionate risk upon the sick person himself, a third party or Laserpark.

    The Guests are obliged to accept, acknowledge binding and fully adhere to the House Rules of Laserpark at the time the reservation is made to Laserpark, but at the latest before the information about the game is given by the Laserpark Game Masters and before entering the arena.

    Arrival is scheduled 15 minutes before the reserved appointment. Please keep the arrival time, since we are not able to start the game either earlier or later.  Laserpark is not liable for any problem arising from late arrival or for the shorter game time due to the lateness.

    The services of Laserpark can only be used with tickets purchased online or at the site in advance. The types and prices of the tickets and the other fees (the “Service Charge”) are published at, and are also available at the cash desk of Laserpark, as well as on the website used for making Reservations online. The ticket purchased is only valid for one entry and may not be transferred to anyone else.

    In case of a reservation for a birthday, the order of the games and the celebration may be changed at any time without prior agreement, depending on the number of reservations.

    3. Use of Laserpark 

    Use of the arenas shall be exclusive (private) in all cases. The arenas can be reserved for the minimum of 10 persons and the maximum of 22 persons. The arenas shall be in private use during birthday parties as well.

    Children under 8 years of age are not allowed either to use or to enter the Laserpark arenas. A child under 14 years of age, may only play accompanied by an adult. The liability for the physical integrity of a minor rests with his/her legal representative or the adult accompanying him/her.

    The weight of the equipment is 3 kg, the vest is made of rigid plastic, the size is fixed, not adjustable.

    If the Guest does not show up at the reserved time, he/she loses the given advance.

    The Guest must pay the Service Charges calculated based on the actual number of participants in the game, but in any case at least the Service Charge payable for the minimum number of 10 people.

    The Guest may only use the services of Laserpark at his/her own risk and only if he/she shows up at the place of service in a state fit for such service. The Operator is entitled to exclude the Guest from the game or to rescind the contract concluded by making the Reservation, if it deems the Guest is not to be in the state required by these House Rules.

    Necklaces and other jewellery capable of causing injury must be removed before entering the arena. We recommend the removal of glasses before the game, if possible. Chewing gum during the game is prohibited!

    It is not allowed to bring in to the Laserpark arenas any tool or device that may cause an injury, any sharp or pointed object, any bag, backpack or sack.

    The use of flammable substances (e.g. confetti), open flame (e.g. fire cracker, firework, candle, cigarette), playing ball and skateboarding are strictly forbidden within the Laserpark.

    4. Rules to be observed during the game, instructions TO BE FOLLOWED

     The Guest may only use the service in case he/she shows up in the Laserpark in a fit and sober state.

    The Laserpark game masters explain the rules of the game and the use of the equipment to the Guests every time before the commencement of the game, and they inform them of the exact place of the exits and emergency exits as well as of the safety requirements to be kept. Following the information provided by the game master, the Guests are obliged to make a declaration regarding whether they understood, accepted and would adhere to those rules and requirements. If the Guest does not expressly undertake to keep the rules stated by the Laserpark game master, then Laserpark is entitled to deny access to the arena and the commencement of the game and/or to exclude the Guests from the game or rescind the contract concluded based on the Reservation.

    The Guest is liable for the proper and intended use of the laser tag toy and weapon. Laserpark is not liable for possible injuries sustained during the game.

    It is not allowed to climb up on the design furniture and decorations. The toys and equipment must be used in accordance with their intended use, and in case of doubt or in case of detecting a possible defect or damage, the Laserpark staff must be contacted.

    Laser toy guns may only be used for the game, it is prohibited to injure or threaten the health of each other with them.

    The instructions of the Laserpark team must be followed at all times. The Laserpark staff is entitled to exclude from the game and call on anyone to leave the arena, who disregards the rules of the House Rules and the General Terms and Conditions, who is violent, aggressive or otherwise breaks the rules of the game. 

    5. Liability

     All Guests use Laserpark and the toys and equipment at their own risk. The liability of the Operator for damages may only be established if the condition of the toys or equipment was not in line with the requirements of the condition that is safe and fit for the intended purpose. In particular, the Operator shall not be liable for the conduct of other guests.

    Laserpark excludes its liability for damage to and loss of objects brought into the area of Laserpark and in case of personal injury. Laserpark undertakes no liability for the damage to or loss of valuable objects, glasses, clothes and other valuables. This applies even if those were placed in the lockers.

    Laserpark is not liable for any problem arising from late arrival or for the shorter game time due to the lateness. Damage to and loss of equipment, guns, helmets of Laserpark must be reimbursed by the person causing such damage or loss. Intentional vandalism and damage may lead to filing a police report.

    Adult Guests are responsible for the minor Guests supervised by them. If the accompanying person leaves his/her child under 18 years of age alone, and exits Laserpark, he/she does so at his/her own risk.  Laserpark takes no responsibility for the child, for the damage caused by the child or for a possible accident.

    6. Settling of damages claims

     Clause VI. of the General Terms and Conditions includes the detailed rules of handling damages claims. For technical reasons relating to third-party liability insurance, any claim for damages shall be reported on site without delay and shall be recorded in an accident protocol by the staff; furthermore the claim for damages and the amount thereof shall be specified in writing within 6 months.

    7. Use of cameras, taking images and making video recordings

     By entering Laserpark, the Guest accepts (implied by conduct) that the Operator shall take group photos (qualifying as photos made of a crowd), group videos or panning videos on the area of Laserpark and shall use these on the online spaces of the Operator (website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), and also acknowledges that the Operator installed cameras on the area of Laserpark due to security and property protection purposes. The Operator specifically calls attention to this at the entrance to Laserpark. The terms and conditions of processing the Guests’ personal data are laid down in the “Privacy Policy”, whereas the detailed information concerning the cameras is provided in the “Camera Operation Notice”.

    8. Exiting Laserpark

    The entry ticket loses its validity when the Guest leaves Laserpark.

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