Frequently asked questions


    Is there an age limit in Laserpark?
    Yes, we have lower age limit. You can only come from 8 years of age. There is not any upper age limit here.
    Do you have a headcount limit?
    In our arenas minimum 10 maximum 22 people can play at the same time.
    Is the attendance of an adult mandatory with minors?
    At least one adult attendant have to stay in the park while the kids are playing.
    Should parents buy tickets if they only accompanies their child?
    Attendants do not need to buy tickets, but if they play laser tag, yes.
    Do you undertake babysitting?
    No. One adult must stay in the park. However, you do not have to play lasergame with the kids f you do not want. In our relax-corner, you can comfortably wait for the kids so long as they finish the game.
    If the number of booked players changes, do we need to notify you?
    Yes. No later than 24 hours before arrival. It's enough to do this by phone or email.
    How early is it worth to arrive?
    We suggest to arrive 15-20 minutes before the start, so everyone can get ready for the game.
    What happens if I miss the start time?
    Our late arrivals are late for their own play time. Since you can book an hour here, in the next hour other groups may come to the area, so we can not guarantee the further use of the arena.
    Can I cancel my date or can I change it?
    It is not possible to cancel a booked and prepayed date according to the GTC. It is possible to postpone the game to a later date. This change request have to be notified in a written form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 48 hours prior to the reserved date.
    Is there a half-hour game?
    No, you can only buy hourly tickets.
    What kind of dress should I wear?
    It's worth to dress up in dark clothes because of the UV lights of the playing agreas. And comfortable, sporty clothing and closed shoes are recommended.
    How dangerous the game is?
    The risk of injury is no more likely than in case of other active leisure activities. The gaming equipments themselves do not mean any threat to the players.
    Does it hurt if they hit me?
    The laser does not cause any pain and it is not harmful to the eyes. The equipment detects the results by emitting infrared rays. No special protective equipment is required.
    Is the Laserpark open on public holidays?
    The Laserpark is closed on 24-25 December, and is open every other day of the year, even on holidays.
    Is it possible to go to the Laserpark outside the opening hours?
    In the case of a large group, we accept groups outside the opening hours. In this case, you should contact the park by e-mail.
    Is it possible to bring food in the park?
    It is only possible to consume the products purchased in our Laserpark.
    Can a candle / fireworks be on a birthday cake?
    No. The use of open flames is forbidden because there is no ventilation system here.
    Can I bring cake to a birthday?
    Cake can only be brought in the park with HACCP paper, which can be written by a confectioner. The price of 1 cake is included in the price of birthday packages. Cancellation of that item is not possible.
    What to do if you lose / miss something in Laserpark? Managing lost properties.
    You have to come back and find the lost items among the lost properties. In case of valuable items we can provide information (phone, documents, wallet, etc.), but the item will only be given back to the owner after verification.
    Can I lock up my valueables?
    Yes, you can use the lockers in front of the door with a deposit of 2000 HUF. So if you bring the key back, we will give you the money back.
    Can I have my phone, video or camera with me?
    Maybe, but only at your own risk.
    Can I bring a dog?
    Not possible.
    Is there a dressing or bathing opportunity?
    Dressing room can be made from separate rooms, but bathing is unfortunately not possible.
    Is there a toalett here?
    Our guests can use the ground floor toalett of Új Buda Center.
    Is it possible to book a date or do we need to buy tickets in advance?
    In our online booking system, we will only make a reservation after a deposit has been paid. Without payment, the reservation will be canceled within 2 hours.
    How earlier is it worth buying the tickets?
    It is worthwhile to buy the tickets in advance as soon as possible so you can come at a very preferred date.
    What should I do if I did not get the ticket (s) I purchased online? What could be the problem?
    If you do not receive your confirmation email after your successful card payment - and you have checked the SPAM account - write an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our colleagues will help you solve the problem.
    Is it possible to buy a gift voucher?
    Yes, but only in person in our park. Even with a voucher, the minimum purchase limit is 10 people.
    What payment options do you have?
    You can pay in cash, by bank card and by SZÉP card (OTP, K&H).
    Do you accept SZÉP card?
    Yes, OTP and K&H SZÉP cards are accepted in case of personal purchase. Within this, we deduct the price of the game from the leisure pocket and the meal from the catering pocket.
    How can I book tickets for school groups or non-profit organizations?
    You can book by filling out the booking form on our website. It is important to enter the data carefully (where they come from, how many people, when, how many attendants, and an accompanying person telephone number) and please wait for our colleague's feedback in any case.
    Is it possible to pay by bank transfer in case of group ticket purchase?
    Yes, if the exact billing information is sent in advance by the customer.
    Is it possible to request a VAT invoice?
    Yes. Please indicate your VAT invoice request on arrival

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